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Why Power Plates? 

Power Plates don't just increase strength and flexibility. They have been proven to provide a myriad of health benefits for people of all ages! 

Our students benefit from: 

  • Reduced pain & soreness with faster recovery

  • Increased bone mineral density & prevention of bone loss

  • Improved circulation, cardiorespiratory & cardiovascular functions

  • Decreased body fat and and increased lean muscle tissue

  • Reduced visceral adipose tissue 

  • Improved walking function (especially in those with spinal injuries or chronic pain)

  • Reduced pain & fatigue

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite

This isn't just a fitness routine. It's a medical program designed to heal your body and mind from the inside out! Whether you're in need of physical therapy or pain management, we're here to help. 


There are countless benefits to whole body vibrational training! WBVT stimulates not only your musculature but also your internal organs and glands - including your brain!

Design a Plan for Your Body

Senior Physiotherapy

Injury Rehabilitation/Recovery

Speed up recovery and target problem areas

As we get older, illnesses and health complications can start to slow us down. At Body Alive, we use power plates to target problem areas, making you healthier, faster! 

On the Scales

Weight Loss & Diabetes 

Weekly group classes for all shapes and sizes

Power Plates have been favored by the fitness industry for over a DECADE! Try this fun and effective way to lose weight and learn how to adopt a healthier, happier lifestyle. 


Enjoy Your First Class Free!

Try a fitness class at no cost to you! 

Not sure if Body Alive is for you? Sign up for your first group class to try us out for free! Advanced progressions & injury modifications are always provided.

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